QLD Battery Booster Rebate

The Battery Booster program rebate will help you better manage your electricity use
and save on your energy bills.

Learn more about battery systems to understand whether it’s right for you and plan
the right battery system for your home.

If a solar battery system is right for you, the Battery Booster program may be able to assist with the upfront cost.

The program is now open for applications.


Rebates Available

The rebate is available to eligible Queensland homeowners with a combined household income of less than $180,000 and who meet all eligibility criteria.

There is a higher rebate amount to help low-income households even further.

Only 1 rebate is available per residential premises. Applications will be processed in
the order they are lodged, and the program will close once allocated funding has been exhausted.


Standard Rebate

A rebate up to $3,000 is available for applicants with an income of less than $180,000
for the most recently ended financial year.
If the applicant has a spouse, the combined income of the applicant and the applicant’s spouse must not have exceeded $180,000 for the most recently ended financial year.


Low-income Rebate

A rebate up to $4,000 is available for households where the highest income earner
earned $66,667 or less for the most recently ended financial year.


Applicants must apply for and receive a conditional approval letter before having a
battery system installed under this rebate program.

To be eligible for the rebate, you must:

  • be the owner of the Queensland residential property where you wish to install
    the system—whether it’s a house, community lot (e.g. townhouse or retirement village home) or granny flat. The property can be mortgaged, but you need to be the registered owner
  • have a solar photovoltaic (PV) system with a minimum 5kW system capacity. If you don’t already have solar PV installed, you can add a new system as part of your approved battery purchase.
  • use an approved installer registered on the Approved Installer List to install the system. They must be on the list when you apply for conditional
    approval and when they complete the installation.
  •  obtain a quote and purchase the system on or after 12 February 2024
  • meet the income requirement—that is, have a combined household income
    below $180,000
  • agree to a safety inspection of the installation, to be performed by a
    government-appointed inspector.


This is a summary of the requirements. Access the application guide (PDF, 772 KB) for more detailed information and full eligibility information.

If the Battery Booster program suits you, then let’s get together to make a
plan to take control of your energy. Simply call us on 0431222969 or reach out
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Tim and the team