We receive many calls from solar system owners whose system doesn't work or are unable to get hold of their original installation company to return to site to get their system working again.

We're Not Like The Other Ones...

Unfortunately, many solar companies go insolvent, have no interest in looking after their client’s post-installation or don't have the expertise to solve problems associated with your system. This is what gives the solar industry a bad name and why we make an effort to resolve your problems rather than run from them. We've been trading since 2012 so you can have confidence we're here for the long run.

We Find These Are The Common Issues People Face:

  • Inverter offline
  • Unable to connect to online monitoring
  • Batteries aren't charging properly
  • Unexpected rise on your energy bill
  • Noticed something not quite right with the system

If you are facing any of these issues, we are here & happy to help. Our experience in the industry gives us a sound ability to fault find and give you a solution to get your system online and working again. 

Run A Tight Ship

Maintenance of your existing system is key to making sure it runs at an optimum performance to help you save money in energy costs, making sure it holds up to supply your home in a time of losing grid power or getting longevity in your off-grid system. 

Here Are Some Simple Tasks You Can Do To Help Keep Your System In Good Order:

  • Cleaning your solar panels
  • Making sure there's no build-up of leaf litter under the solar panels
  • Keeping the area around your inverter and batteries clean and sheltered from the elements.

If you find your system is not working as it should be or want to stay on top of maintenance, then simply call on 0431222969 or reach out via the "Contact Us" form.

We look forward to hearing from you!