Choosing to live off-grid can provide you with a feeling of freedom and independence from the day-to-day hustle of traditional living.

What's An Off-Grid System?

An off-grid system typically involves a solar panel array either on your dwelling or a ground mount structure, inverters, chargers, batteries & a backup generator. That can be a lot to take in if you’re not tech minded or have never been exposed to these products before. We guarantee however, by the time you’re finally living in your off-grid home or holidaying in your weekender you will have the confidence that the system will perform to its design and be totally comfortable in how to operate all parts of the system.

Why Having A Sound Understanding Of The Process Is Important! 

In our experience the most crucial part to designing a system starts with an in-depth consultation to understand your building & electrical design, the appliances/equipment you will have on the property and your lifestyle. We all have different needs and therefore there is no system that one-size-fits-all. We emphasise this part of our process because ultimately in the end you are the person who ends up with a system that is the lifeblood of your home, and you need to rely on it!

Big Or Small, Far and Wide...

Whether you are seeking a move to a remote destination, tired of the unreliability of the grid or are anti-establishment and want to break free from the grid we are the team that can help you make that step in securing a safe and reliable system. Our designs & installations have been installed all over the vast landscapes of Australia, from cosy off-grid cabins to expansive architectural homes and farms.

Longevity Is The Key.

When you partner with us, your off-grid system empowers you to live uninterrupted. With the convenience of the power grid left behind, a well-designed system becomes your source of confidence. We have been installing off-grid systems for over 10 years and rely on that experience to learn what is important when installing off grid systems for our clients.

Like Minds Attract

Our interaction with off-grid clients is the main driver that keeps us going. There's a sense of adventure as we begin the planning and feeling of accomplishment of a satisfied client as they experience the system in "real world living".

We love to install off-grid systems for our clients from inception to hand over and beyond, it truly is our passion at Hinterland Energy. 

If you are planning to make the move off-grid, need a system on an existing house or system upgrade then please call on 0431222969 or reach out via the "Contact Us" page.

We look forward to hearing from you!